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File management

01. File management

Manage, secure and share your files easily and quickly.

Each member of the group / company has its own personal folder which is accessible only by him/her.

Shared folder (for the group/company) that can be accessed by all the members of the team.

Each customer has also a personal folder, which is accessible by all team members and the customer.

The customer has secure access to their personal folder with the use of rights (Read, Upload, Download) for total control.

Shared Folders that can be accessed by all customers or by a group of customers. This way when you want to share a file with all your customers or a group of them you can save time and space, moreover this way you can perform more complex sharing situations.

Manage folder permissions for each customer separately, this will allow for a more specialized permission management.

Share files easily and fast, even with third parties (outside the application) regardless of the file size. Ability to manage the number of shared files and to limit the number of days the file will be shared.

Automatic or manual backup. Synchronize your local files with those of CRAAD application.

Designed for even greater security CRAAD application can be combined with SSL security certificate.

Lock files so that only a specific role of members have access.

Task management

02. Task management

Divide your tasks into smaller and manageable tasks. Organize your team / company effortlessly by applying templates of task groups.

Split your tasks into groups and create templates to help you with the assignment of you tasks.

To present your real tasks as close to reality as possible the system gives you task groups with sequential or independent tasks, sub task groups and repeatable task groups.

Chat about the task with all the regarding members.

Create todo list so that you can divide your assigned task.

Assign tasks to all the team members.

Full task management along with quick search in a variety of ways.

Log the time spend in the completion of the task and the whole task group. Monitor the open tasks and task groups of all the members.

Connect files to the task or all the tasks of the group.

The system will inform you as soon as a new task is assigned to you. Furthermore, if you forget a task the system will gently remind you about it.

If necessary you can always replay the tasks of the group from every step you want without losing any of the time spent.


03. Calendar

The CRAAD calendar eliminates any unnecessary tasks, while keeping you informed of any new developments within the team / company.

Each member has a personal calendar with the messages and tasks.

The calendar has multiple grid views (date, week, month) as well as lists.

See the outstanding and due payments.

See all the alerts / reminders.

Customers - Contacts

04. Customers/Contacts

Customer/Contacts quota to fit your needs. CRAAD allow you to create additional dynamic fields in each customer/contact individually for better control.

Add quickly and easily new customers/contacts.

Multiple ways to perform a search.

Divide customers/contacts in groups for easier management (such as sending bulk messages or sms and folder sharing).

Create connections between customers/contacts for easier management.

Backup files of a customer/contact with a single click.

Customers/Contacts have access from a separate graphical interface. They have their personal file manager, history of their services and payments. They can also place a payment through paypal or communicate with you though the application.

Services / Products

05. Services / Products

Through CRAAD the management of your services / products reach a new level of simplicity.

Divide your services or products into categories for better management.

Up to 5 prices for each service / product.

Manage the type of the transaction, eg. sales or quotations. Quotations are ignored in the accounting part of the application.

Create an alert for a service / a product (eg. the license expires in six months, inform the customer and the company of this fact, one month before the expiration).

Management of priorities on messages and transactions.

Attach files to a transaction of a service / product, from the team / company or the customer.

Ability to add dynamic fields in a transaction of a service or a product.

Full payment history for each service / product as well as installments.

Automatic check of payments by informing both the team / company and the customer via message or sms.

Sales statistics by product / service.

Dedicated folder for each service / product so that customers / contacts connected to them can see files like updates, manuals etc.

Connect one or more task groups to a service / product to help you manage the time spent and calculate the cost better.

Reports - Offers

06. Reports - Offers

Generate reports or offers quickly and easily wherever you are.

Generate offers and reports by selecting from the services or products of the customer / contact.

Search reports and offers according to date or their unique number.

Export to PDF.


07. Alerts

Leave your job on autopilot by creating notifications for services / products for a future date.

Create alerts easily and quickly for services or products you offer to your customers / contacts.

Automatically inform the group / company.

Automatically inform the customer with a message or sms.

Create alerts even for your offers.

Get informed of new tasks assigned to you, or when tasks you assigned are finished. Connection with slack for better alerts.

Flexibility, Responsive!

08. Flexibility, Responsive!

Organize your day, your team, your business from any device, anywhere.

Use CRAAD application from any modern device.

Access CRAAD application via the Internet, from anywhere.

Start your task from one device and continue or complete it from another.

Communication (members – customers)

09. Communication (members – customers / contacts)

Nowadays our jobs are so complicated that a simple email service is not enough...

Internal communication between team members / partners with full history of all the communications.

Fast and reliable communication of members with customers / contacts and vice versa.

Communication alerts via e-mail or sms to the customer / contact for any incoming application messages.

E-mail account integration (with google’s mail either business or personal accounts) which allows the system to receive emails and convert them to internal system messages.

Bulk messaging and SMS

10. Bulk messaging and SMS

Inform your customers /contacts and partners simultaneously.

Compose your message, select group of customers / contacts, remove or add to the list of recipients and click send!

Automatic and manual sms messaging for customers / contacts on multiple parts of the application.

Scheduled messaging

11. Scheduled messaging

Modern communication system.

Scheduled messaging. Select a future date, write your message and send it to a member of the group / company or a customer / contact.

File versioning

12. File versioning

Work a file as a team and maintain multiple different versions of it. Keep records of meta-data for the file history.

If you upload a file with the same name as another file, in any application folder, CRAAD will automatically activate the file version system.

The system appends the suffix .vrs1 on the filename stating that this is the first version.

The file you just uploaded to the folder, retains its filename, until you upload another version.

Ability to add and manage META-DATA, for each file version (title, keywords, notes, date).

If you download any of the file’s versions the received filename does not have the suffix of the versioning system. vrsX.

Password management

13. Password management

Secure password storage mechanism that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

The passwords are divided into categories, this way a better management is achieved.

To view the decrypted password a two-step verification is required via email or sms.

The passwords are stored in the database, they are encrypted for a higher level of security.


14. Backups

No need to worry about backups anymore, personal / group or company. No need to spend time or money anymore.

The application generates automatically backups of your records from the database. These backups are generated every day and a history of the week, the month and the year is kept on your server.

The backup of a customer can be created with a simple click from the view of the customer or from the customer list.

Also each member/customer has the option to view their personal folders by mapping them as a local driver on their personal computer. This can be performed via an extra application and the setting will allow ftp access to the member/customer.

Automatic or manual Sync (synchronize) of files and folders.

Customized Settings

15. Customized Settings

Customize the application to suit you to the ground!

You do not need all these mechanisms? Turn off those that you do not need with a simple click.

Set colors for calendar (tasks, messages etc.).

Add your credentials for PayPal and HQSMS (SMS) for the communication of the application with these services.

Select the screen you will see after login, the main menu state (open - close) and the view of the calendar based on screen size.


16. Learning

The application includes a user manual and training videos for each application separately (customer / contact and member). This will reduce dramatically your learning curve.

User Manual with detailed explanations for each mechanism.

Each chapter includes training videos.

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