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File management

01. File management

Manage, secure and share your files easily and quickly.

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Task management

02. Task management

Divide your tasks into smaller and manageable chunks. Organize your team / company effortlessly.

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03. Calendar

The CRAAD’s calendar eliminates any unnecessary tasks, while keeping you informed of any new developments within the team / company.

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04. Customers/Contacts

Customer/Contact quota to fit your needs. CRAAD allows you to create additional dynamic fields for each customer/contact individually for even more control.

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Services / Products

05. Services / Products

Through CRAAD the management of your services / products reach a new level of flexibility.

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Invoices - Offers

06. Reporting - Offers

Generate reports or offers quickly and easily from wherever you are.

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07. Alerts

Leave your job on autopilot by creating notifications for services / products for a future date.

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Flexibility, Responsive

08. Flexibility, Responsive!

Organize your day, your team, your business from any device, anywhere.

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Communication (members – contacts)

09. Communication
(members – contacts)

Nowadays our jobs are so complicated that a simple email service is not enough...

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Bulk messaging and SMS

10. Bulk messaging

Inform your contacts and partners simultaneously.

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Scheduled messaging

11. Scheduled

Modern communication system.

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File versioning

12. File versioning

Work a file as a team and maintain multiple different versions of it. Keep records of meta-data for the file history.

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Password management

13. Password management

Secure password storage mechanism that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

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Αντίγραφα ασφαλείας

14. Backups

No need to worry about backups anymore, personal / group or company ones. No need to spend time or money anymore.

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Customized Settings

15. Customized Settings

Customize the application as you like!

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16. Learning

The application includes a user manual however, to reduce dramatically the learning curve we provide personal training.

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